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My Review : Rubbed the Right Way by Brita Addams

Rubbed the Right Way by Brita Addams
Series: Romeo Book Club, Book #2
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: GLBT, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, M/M
Length: 24 pages


Are you willing to put yourself in our hands?

After being stood up by his ex in Costa del Sol, Romeo Club member Brady seeks a cure for rejectionitis among the welcoming and well-toned arms of a number of other Club members. After a night of beachfront fantasy and erotic massage, Brady needs no coaxing to put himself into the able hands of Kyle, the Romeo Club’s master masseur.

To Kyle, “deep tissue massage” means much, much more than rubbing out tense shoulders and backs. Beneath Kyle’s sure fingers and even surer cock, Brady reaches heights of pleasure beyond his wildest imaginings. Just one problem with what Kyle has to offer: after sampling his many skills, Brady knows he’ll need to come back for a second taste, and a third, and a fourth . . .

Once you’ve been rubbed the right way, you’ll never think of erotic massage quite the same again.

Deb’s Review:

Well to say that Brita Addams shocked me over her next book in the Romeo Club series is an understatement. Rubbed the Right Way is Book Two in this series. I was a little disappointed with Rubbed the Right Way because I was hoping that we would learn more about the characters in the first book, but that is not the case. The plot takes place at the Romeo Club, but this time around there are different players.

Kyle and Brady are strikingly sexy. Kyle works at the Romeo Club as a masseuse; and he gives pleasure like no other. *grin* Brady is a member of the club and takes a liking to what Kyle can do with his hands. I would love to say we get an inside look at what makes these two tick, but that is not the case. I will stop right here in my review because I feel that anymore said would giveaway the plot of the book.

If you enjoy a hot treat, then please pick up Rubbed the Right Way by Brita Addams. While it was not what I was looking for personally, Rubbed the Right Way was still a fun, short read.

Rated 3 1/2 Stilettos by Deb!


This review was previously posted at Dark Divas Reviews


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My Review : Playing House by Genevieve Ash

Playing House by Genevieve Ash
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Length: 61 pages

Amazon Kindle Total E Bound

Summary :

Playing House; a game where love always wins.

Bel and Max have an arrangement. Their busy lives leave little time for a ‘real’ relationship so they meet every few months, choosing to spend their time together exploring the sensual pleasures life has to offer.

Bel left her emotionally abusive husband years before and never found the time to date. Max has trust issues because his wife had left him for his best friend. When they get together, the sexual chemistry can’t be denied but their emotions have to be held at bay.

A visit to Max’s home has them Playing House and they spend their time doing things that other couples take for granted. Bel’s increasing desire to spend more time with Max brings those hidden emotions to the surface and a choice must be made.

Will Max learn to trust again? Will his indecision cause Bel to doubt his feelings for her? Will Bel be able to live with the small part of his life that he is willing to give or will Max realise that a more permanent solution is what they need?

Deb’s Review :

Playing House by Genevieve Ash was a true look into a relationship struggling to stay alive. Ms. Ash has captured the moment so well between Max and Bel. I felt their struggle as well as their happy times. In addition, I felt these characters were selfish at times, not willing to give up what they considered their space.

Max was a hard hero to get to know, but what you did get from him will have him growing on you. I am not for sure what drives him to be the way he is. Bel is a character so unsure of her worth in Max’s heart that she spends most of the time second guessing things. She is a mother, a dutiful daughter, and a lover who wants more of her man. Can Max give her what she recently discovered she needs just a short time ago?

As for secondary characters, there was none but the hero and heroine make do. There are times where you see their inner battle, as well as the love these two share, but in the end will it be enough?

Genevieve Ash is a diamond in the ruff that’s destined to be a true gem. One that you will enjoy watching shine. I only wished I could have given Playing House a higher rating.

Rated 3 1/2 Stilettos by Deb!


This review was previously posted at Black Ravens Reviews

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My Review Of: G-Spot by Taylor Tryst

G-Spot by Taylor Tryst
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance

Review Copy Received from Publisher


A Carnal Reunions tale…

Lily Sutherland—no—Detective Lily Sutherland, a title she worked her ass off to earn, has returned to Heartwood Indiana for her ten-year college reunion. An ex-Lady Hawk, and a star athlete on the volleyball team, Lily used her competitive edge to win on the court. She dove into the male dominated world of law enforcement where she once again rocked the foundation and shot up the ranks to homicide detective in record time. As far as Lily is concerned, she’s just one of the boys until she reunites with Dakota Reese, the love of her life.

Special Agent Dakota Reese has always been too smart for his own damn good. Specializing in serial cases, Dakota attends his college reunion at Western Indiana University for what he believes will be a reprieve, only to discover that his life just became much harder…literally, when he see’s Lily Sutherland at the grand old Victorian down the street. Dakota and Lily had split amicably ten years prior, each of them marrying for all of the right reasons. Unfortunately, they married someone else, and were now both divorced. There’s a natural animosity between the cops and the feebs, but can Lily put their differences aside long enough for her ‘G Man’ to find her g spot and rock her world, forever?

Deb’s Review: OMG! G-Spot by Taylor Tryst is so not your regular erotic love story. It left this reviewer craving more. I was warming up to a romance with a suspense feel to it…then nothing. Why Ms. Tryst? Is there another book with Lily and Dakota in it? Will you try and make this into a longer book?

I need to know how and if they catch the killer. Do they make it as a couple? Where do they end up? So many question; so few pages. I feel like this is a cliff hanger book.

Lily and Dakota are very addicting. The plotline is done brilliantly. The only fault I could say about this book is; as a reader, I need to know more. *g* 

Rated 3 ½ Stilettos by Deb!

Review Previously posted at Black Raven Reviews

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The Masseuse by Angel

The Masseuse by Angel
Publisher: Wicked Nights
Genre: Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Length: Short Story


Going to Your Masseuse can be a lot of fun. Lacy is overworked and undersexed. Can a vampire Masseuse be just what she is looking for?

Deb’s Review:

The Masseuse by Angel might be only a 15 page book, but let me say it was a hoot reading. On that same note I felt that the story was rushed, but I did enjoy reading it.

Lacey was over worked and needed to learn to relax. One special Masseuse was going to teach her how.
What will become of their lessons?

Oh lord, what they named their parts. Her chi and his puppy made me laugh so hard. I could not keep a straight face. Ms. Angel have you ever thought of giving your readers a little more about Lacey and Terri?

Rated 3 ½ Delightful Divas by Deb!

The review was previously posted at Dark Divas Reviews

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Arrow to the Heart by Arlene Webb

Arrow to the Heart by Arlene Webb
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal Romance
Length: 44 pages


Dr. Cu has no doubt that love at first sight happens only in fairytales. He knows intimately that it takes a unique blend of chemicals to force two hearts to beat as one. A world-renowned player, he’s accepted his fate. As a God of Love, he’s doomed to remain lonely. But when he opens his eyes and his gaze takes in a woman in need of assistance, he’s shocked to find himself falling, exactly like his many victims.

Naturally, when an arrogant legend is smitten, happiness comes at a price. Cu must fight the powerful Goddess of Love, his controlling mother, in order to protect the mortal who’s captured his fancy.

When his love betrays him, Cu learns how hard a God can hit rock bottom. If he can’t put down the bow and wrap his hand around humility and forgiveness, his destined love will remain a myth.

Deb’s Review:

Arrow to the Heart by Arlene Webb is an off the charts, out of this world romance that had me laughing one minute and in the next asking WTH?

Dr. Cu, aka Cupid, just wants to be free of his parent’s hold, so he schemes and brakes the rules. You name it, Cu most likely did it. From the opposite spectrum, Cheia is your run of the mill human. She is sweet and that’s all I can tell you about her, as her character was undeveloped and left me wanting more.

What I can tell you is that Cheia is looking for some fun and Cu is the man for the job. However, Cu is shocked to discover that what’s started out as fun and games has suddenly turned into love. What happens when Cupid is bitten by the love bug?

There were some hiccups in the plot that at times made the story a bit confusing. However, the secondary characters were fun, especially Cu’s parents and their goons. Although I would have liked more from the story, Arrow to the Heart by Arlene Webb is what it is, a short, fun story that will bring a smile to your face on Valentine’s Day.

Rated 3 1/2 Stilettos by Deb!

This review was previously posted at Black Ravens Reviews

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